The patient had been experiencing bouts of ‘ dandruff’ for several years usually when she was most over stretched. This started when she was studying for GCSEs. Then it seemed to clear up only to return again at A levels. This time it was worse. Thick scaly flaky and sore in places. It was now around the hairline and behind her ears.

At this point she saw a homeopath who gave her ‘ a few little white tablets’ and it went away.  When she came to see me she had again had reoccurrences occasionally at times of stress, usually work related. This time she was getting married and the workload of the wedding planning, all of the details was exhausting and depleting her energy.  Her symptoms had now spread to occasional patches on other parts of her body.

She was prescribed Adamas which is the homeopathic preparation made from Diamond. It cleared her skin beautifully and is only now occasionally needed if her symptoms return. Catching it  early helps clear it quickly.