Pre and post op advice

This is general advice only, please consult Sue for more tailored advice.


Good nutrition. Cut out alcohol and drink more water.
Supplements as needed
Recommend Vitamin C 100mg and Zinc 15mg daily
Starting 2 weeks before op.


As much as your body allows to ensure you are as fit as possible before your operations. This will greatly aid your recovery.



– aids healing of soft tissue and reduces bruising. Also helps with post-operative tiredness. Start on day of your return from hospital. Check if you are on anti-coaggulation medication. Usually needed for a week.Arnica



– helps reduce pain in nerve endings and helps the healing of nerve tissue. Can take with Arnica.



– helps speed healing and reduces the chance of infection. Especially helpful with skin wounds and deep ulcers.


– helps healing of deep incisions and scars. Useful in Caesarian sections.


-Helps fractures and bone repairs to heal. Only start once everything in correct position


– Can help clear the effects of anaesthetic. Anaesthic compound and Gelsemium can also help.If you have had an adverse reaction to an anaesthetic before, please check which is best for you. Can take preventatively.


– to reduce scarring taken in potency. Vitamin E oil applied topically and Rosa Mosqueta, an oil made from rose hips also reported to be benficial.


Take probiotics as Lactobaccillus acidophilus before any antibiotics if possible. These may help reduce any disturbance in your gut activity and will reduce your chances of getting a Candida infection. ( Thrush)  Candida in potency can help if this occurs.

Advice regarding medication prescribed routinely please contact me directly.