Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine
based on the hypothesis of like cures like

Sue Warner RSHom GPhC is a qualified
pharmacist and homeopath

Sue's rural Leics practice is within easy reach of
Leicester and Nottingham

Helping owners to understand how to use homeopathy

Remedies that can improve the health of animals

Teaching farmers how to use homeopathy successfully
to treat their farm animals

Human Homeopathy

Sue Warner became interested in homeopathy after five years of working among a strong local and rural community where she began to observe at close hand, how many patients were being prescribed drugs for conditions for which they had few or no symptoms.  After five years they might be taking four or five different drugs and now looked unwell and had many symptoms.  Sue felt very strongly that there had to be another way and that’s what convinced her to take the plunge and enrol for a four year course in homeopathy at the Faculty of Homeopathy in London in the mid 1990s.

The course was then unique, as all of the students were required to study transpersonal psychology along with their homeopathy for the four years of the course.  This approach has now been adopted by the Society of Homeopaths and forms the basis of the reflective cycle which underpins the registration programme.

Continuous professional development is an important part of homeopathy; Sue is supervised on a monthly basis by a colleague and takes advantage of a peer support group for herself and her case work.  In turn, she supports students as part of the supervision for the Society of Homeopaths, enabling them to sit in with her at her practice as she considers this an essential part of the clinical component necessary to becoming an effective homeopath.   She studied for a further 2 years from 2002 to 2004 with Jeremy Sherr at the Dynamis school where she gained valuable experience in the participation of proving of two new homeopathic remedies.

It was whilst studying with other colleagues at Dynamis that Sue also learnt about the new ways of practicing being taught by Dr Rajan Sankaran.  This method now known variously as The Bombay Method or The Sensation method was a further evolution of the way she worked and she began to study this as another way of getting better results for her patients.   She met and studied with Dr Joshis and then was lucky to be able to travel to India to experience the teaching of the medical team who are practicing in this way.  This method is now fully integrated into Sue’s homeopathic practice.

Initial consultation usually lasts one and a half hours.      Cost for adults and children over 12 £95

Prices include the first remedy.                                    Children under 12                           £80

Follow-up appointments after 4-6 weeks lasting 45 mins  £55 including remedy

Follow-up consultations by telephone or skype pro rata.

Further supply of remedy without consultation £15

Before your first appointment with Sue Warner, please complete a confidential medical form to bring with you – this can be downloaded here by clicking the link below.