Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine
based on the hypothesis of like cures like

Sue Warner RSHom GPhC is a qualified
pharmacist and homeopath

Sue's rural Leics practice is within easy reach of
Leicester and Nottingham

Helping owners to understand how to use homeopathy

Remedies that can improve the health of animals

Teaching farmers how to use homeopathy successfully
to treat their farm animals


Alongside Sue’s human homeopathic practice she also teaches on the award winning ‘Homeopathy at Welly Level Course.’ This course began in 2001 and was the inspiration of Chris Lees. She got together a team of homeopathic vets and homeopaths, who like Sue, have farm animal experience.  The course has become widely acclaimed and is unique.   From her teaching experience with this course she has travelled to Northern Ireland, Cornwall and Hampshire as well as the regular courses run from the Prince of Wales’ farm in Gloucestershire.

In 2007 she was invited as a member of the team to give a presentation at the North East Organic Farming Association conference in New Hampshire, USA.   This experience and the many invaluable improvements made to the course by teacher and guide Chris Lees, have given Sue the confidence to hone and develop the course for Horse Owners.

Much of the course work and structure for this has to be credited to colleagues in the HAWL team who have been very supportive of this development which will Sue hopes will enable them to use the same course in their own locality.