Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine
based on the hypothesis of like cures like

Sue Warner RSHom GPhC is a qualified
pharmacist and homeopath

Sue's rural Leics practice is within easy reach of
Leicester and Nottingham

Helping owners to understand how to use homeopathy

Remedies that can improve the health of animals

Teaching farmers how to use homeopathy successfully
to treat their farm animals

Case Studies

Pre and post op advice

This is general advice only, please consult Sue for more tailored advice. Nutrition Good nutrition. Cut out alcohol and drink more water. Supplements as needed Recommend Vitamin C 100mg and Zinc 15mg daily Starting 2 weeks before op. Exercise As much as your body allows to ensure you are as fit as p ...

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Allergic dermatitis

Case of Allergic Dermatitis Skin allergies and eczema are frequently poorly treated with conventional medicine.  Often topical steroids are used which suppress rather than clearing the condition. This lady had been offered steroids and antihistamines orally as well as steroid cream topically and the ...

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Molluscum contagiossum

Case of Molluscum Contagiossum. A little girl now 4 years old was brought to me with Molluscum. Her mother recognised it early as she had brought her brother to see me two years previously. His took a few weeks to clear as the eruptions had been there for several months. Her condition had only appea ...

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The patient had been experiencing bouts of ‘ dandruff’ for several years usually when she was most over stretched. This started when she was studying for GCSEs. Then it seemed to clear up only to return again at A levels. This time it was worse. Thick scaly flaky and sore in places. It was now aroun ...

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Side effects of chemotherapy

As homeopaths we are often asked to help patients who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. This treatment can lead to significant side effects which can greatly obstruct the health and repair of the patient. These include nausea, vomiting and mouth ulcers.  These conditions may be helped by homeo ...

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Eczema is often a diagnosis which presents in many different ways and for which there is no definite test. For some it is weeping and others, dry and cracking. Sometimes the symptoms change from one to the other and in necessitates a change or review of the remedy.  A case this year appeared to have ...

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