Allergic dermatitis

Case of Allergic Dermatitis

Skin allergies and eczema are frequently poorly treated with conventional medicine.  Often topical steroids are used which suppress rather than clearing the condition.

This lady had been offered steroids and antihistamines orally as well as steroid cream topically and the condition was getting worse.

When I saw her, her eyes were swollen and red and her cheeks were swelling on both sides.  There was a fine red rash which was not spreading down the head and neck and she was feeling extremely miserable.

Initially we tried using acute remedies to help down the redness and inflammation. This helped but the problem then returned as angry as ever.  After a more detailed examination we discovered what had made her flare up and then her skin.

She received the remedy petroleum and her anger calmed and so did her skin. What this case teaches us is that sometimes you can be searching for an external ‘ cause’ for a reaction when in fact the reaction arises from within. Treating the internal disturbance stopped the problem from recurring.