Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine
based on the hypothesis of like cures like

Sue Warner RSHom GPhC is a qualified
pharmacist and homeopath

Sue's rural Leics practice is within easy reach of
Leicester and Nottingham

Helping owners to understand how to use homeopathy

Remedies that can improve the health of animals

Teaching farmers how to use homeopathy successfully
to treat their farm animals

Please note that I am retiring from the end of December 2019 and I am no longer available for new patients. For new clients I am recommending Jane Hampson (who has been through similar homeopathic training to myself)

She practices from Rudddington. Tel number 07590 992 661

For others I recommend using Find a Homeopath.com.
(all homeopaths are registered and insured and you can research their location and levels of experience.)

For further supplies of homeopathic remedies both Helios Homeopathic pharmacy 01892 537254 and Ainsworths 01883 340332.
Ainsworths are also willing to give advice regarding remedies for animals.

01664 434514 

“I have been asked by many patients what happens to their records now that my practice has closed.
To clarify. As a member of the Society of Homeopaths I am bound by their Code of Ethics and Practice. Full details online. www.homeopathy-soh.org

All notes should be kept for a minimum of seven years after the last consultation and, in the case of children, until their twenty fifth birthday.

Under Data Protection rules, patients have a right to access their healthcare record. This application should be in writing. E mail is acceptable.

If you would like your records to be sent on to another homeopath then this can be arranged provided, I receive a written request from yourself as well as permission to discuss any details of your treatment. I am happy to provide this by e mail. I am required to retain the original as above.”

Sue Warner January 2020


Case Studies

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Pre and post op advice

This is general advice only, please consult Sue for more tailored advice. Nutrition Good nutrition. Cut out alcohol and drink...
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Allergic dermatitis

Case of Allergic Dermatitis Skin allergies and eczema are frequently poorly treated with conventional medicine.  Often topical steroids are used...
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Molluscum contagiossum

Case of Molluscum Contagiossum. A little girl now 4 years old was brought to me with Molluscum. Her mother recognised...
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The patient had been experiencing bouts of ‘ dandruff’ for several years usually when she was most over stretched. This...
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Side effects of chemotherapy

As homeopaths we are often asked to help patients who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. This treatment can lead to...
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Eczema is often a diagnosis which presents in many different ways and for which there is no definite test. For...
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