Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine
based on the hypothesis of like cures like

Sue Warner RSHom GPhC is a qualified
pharmacist and homeopath

Sue's rural Leics practice is within easy reach of
Leicester and Nottingham

Helping owners to understand how to use homeopathy

Remedies that can improve the health of animals

Teaching farmers how to use homeopathy successfully
to treat their farm animals

Sue Warner (formerly Miles) is a qualified pharmacist and homeopath, a member of the Society of Homeopaths and has lectured around the world on homeopathy both for humans and animals.  Her practice is based in rural Leicestershire where she has been working as a full time homeopath since 1999.

  • Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine that is based on the hypothesis of like cures like, which means that a substance that can cause certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in an unhealthy person.
  • People may feel frightened that they have to make a choice between conventional medicine and 'alternative' medicine, but homeopathy is often complementary to conventional medicine.
  • Being a pharmacist enables Sue to understand what drugs are doing to the patient which saves time during the consultation.
  • As homeopathy is both safe and gentle it can be used throughout life, from birth to death - age is not a discriminating factor. 

Call to book an initial consultation: 01664 434514  Practice opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

"When I began my training as a pharmacist in 1976 I was wowed and excited by the many amazing actions that were possible with the medicines that were being developed  synthetically at that time. I was also excited by the then unfashionable subject of pharmacognosy, the study of plants as drug sources, and contemplated going on to study herbal medicine.

After qualifying I worked in hospital and retail pharmacy where after a few years I began to identify the many gaps in conventional medicine areas for which there was no treatment.  It was in 1987 whilst studying for a post graduate diploma in Agricultural and Veterinary Pharmacy that I met Dr Shuttleworth who was successfully using homeopathy to treat both animals and humans."


Sue spent a long evening learning from Dr Shuttleworth how he had discovered this amazing system of medicine that used naturally occurring substances to treat a wide range of conditions for which conventional medicine did not have a cure. His success in treating animals was what convinced Sue to find out more about homeopathy.

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Sue Warner Homeopathy Leicestershire

At the end of a busy day...wise words and fun pics

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Sue Warner Homeopathy Leicestershire

Best wishes for a successful practice JaneJoining us at the House on Saturdays from the Spring is Jane Holland of Naturally Grounded Nutrition. A qualified, BANT registered, Nutritional Therapist, following 4 years of study with the Internationally renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Richmond, London, Jane will be available for consultations in The Retreat at Melton Wellness House.

Jane has a special interest in digestive health as this essentially defines what becomes available to our body for energy. Our incredible web of internal systems gently impact on each other, and yet all rely daily on the success of this fundamental digestive process.

In fact, did you know that 80% of your immune system originates in the gut?

So in order for us to be vital and healthy, we have to have a strong digestive system full of good bacteria. The gut is the principal area of your body where exchanges are made between you and the outside world and where nutrient uptake takes place. Since most diseases start in the gut, the quality of the flora that resides there is extremely important to overall health.

Everything we eat and drink passes through the gut along the gastrointestinal tract. The tubelike GI tract is embedded with millions of bacteria that live, grow, and metabolize (digesting and absorbing) in what’s considered a complex ecosystem comprised of both beneficial and harmful bacteria. Imbalances within this ecosystem will impair the gut barrier and increase your risk of developing disease.

Jane will be able to work with clients to assess imbalances and responses in their diets and improve their vitality through dietary adjustments and recommendations.

#guthealth #nutrition #nutrients #digestivehealth #digestion #foodallergy #foodsensitivity #nutritionaltherapy #diet #weightloss #health #diseaseprevention #immunesystem

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One of our winter visitors, fieldfare, stripping the berries off the crabapple. there were many more but only this one wanted to be photographed. ...

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The patient had been experiencing bouts of ‘ dandruff’ for several years usually when she was most over stretched. This...
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Side effects of chemotherapy

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Eczema is often a diagnosis which presents in many different ways and for which there is no definite test. For...
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